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The Law Offices of Brian L. Fox is a California law firm with office locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura.  Our firm is known for its comprehensive and meticulous approach to Business Law, Tax Law, Estate Planning and Administration, Probate Law, Real Estate Law, and Civil Litigation. By focusing on these primary areas of legal representation our firm has developed in-depth knowledge of these areas of law while offering you the customized experience of individualized attorney attention. We often begin working with clients in one legal matter, only to go on to serve many of our client’s subsequent legal needs in differing areas of our law practice, with referrals to competent legal professionals who practice in areas of law that we do not practice in.  This is a natural progression of the attorney-client relationship that develops because our clients have faith in our professionalism and experience.  As a small firm we specialize in providing individualized, personal attention to you and your family’s specific legal matters – customized, personalized legal representation and successful results.


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