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Mergers vs. Acquisitions: Here’s What You Should Know

Sometimes companies participate in a merger and acquisition in order to increase the shareholder value over what each company would be separately. This often happens when businesses are struggling. But because M&As require a great understanding of the law as well as each company’s operations and goals, it’s often extremely helpful to find a legal […]

  • Posted on: Feb 16 2023
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Should I Incorporate My LLC in Delaware?

When you’re forming a limited liability company (LLC), you can choose to do so in any state. So, why do so many businesses choose to do so in Delaware – even when they don’t reside there? The short answer is because of the benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to […]

  • Posted on: Sep 30 2022
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What to Know About Separating from Your Business Partner

There is no doubt that owning and operating a small business can be extremely challenging. This is especially true when you share ownership and/or operations with a partner. Many people choose to go into business with a close friend or family member since trust is already there. But unfortunately, it can make ending your business […]

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2021
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Want to Leave Your Business to Your Family? Consider These Four Things

Building a business takes years of hard work. That’s why it’s tough to imagine your business closing down when you retire or pass away. For that reason, many business owners wish to leave their businesses to their family and heirs. By providing their children with the business, they can help to ensure financial security for […]

  • Posted on: Jul 22 2021
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How Can Business Owners Protect Their IP?

One of the most important things when creating a business is to protect your business from others making money off of your ideas. In this rapidly evolving tech world that we find ourselves in, it’s important to protect all of our intellectual property rights. You can do so by filing for all necessary copyrights, trademarks, […]

  • Posted on: Feb 22 2021
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What Is Unfair Business Practice in CA?

Despite the fact that everyone should utilize fair business practices, this is not always the case. Unfair business practices are prohibited under California law, and include things such as fraud and misrepresentation.  Unfair business practices consist of fraud, misrepresentation and any other unconscionable acts that a business may perform. These are often taken against consumers […]

  • Posted on: May 15 2020
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Business owners calculating their taxes based on FASB code.

New FASB Code May Negatively Impact Business Taxes

The Financial Account Standards Board (FASB) has replaced the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) regarding property leases. The new standard, referred to as ASC 842 or ASU 2016-02, replaces the 40-year-old US GAAP leasing standard, often referred to as ASC 840.  ASC 842 was issued in February 2016 to help dis-incentivize businesses from leasing property rather […]

  • Posted on: Mar 13 2020
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Business Formations, Where to Start?

You may have heard that Delaware is the best place to form your business entity. This is because the state has laws that favor business formations. Such laws have included: Most favorable franchise tax rules; Most pro-management from a legislative and judicial standpoint; Broader protection for board members against lawsuits initiated by shareholders on behalf […]

  • Posted on: Feb 11 2020
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